Upcoming UCLA Conference Examines Water Management in the Middle East & Africa


The severe water crises facing areas of the Middle East and Africa have significant implications for the health, welfare and security of the regions’ people. Today, issues related to water availability and quality – including food security, sanitation and health, and economic development – have become both more complex and critical to address in these parts of the world. In this context, the resource can be both a source of cooperation and conflict among and within communities and nations.

The international conference Water in the Middle East & Africa: A Nexus of Cooperation and Conflict will provide a forum for scholars and experts to discuss the challenges linked to water resources facing these areas. The speakers will share innovative technology and policy solutions being developed and implemented in the regions that tackle problems at the local, national, and trans-national levels.

The UCLA conference is also a unique opportunity to compare water issues facing these regions and other parts of the world, including California, which confront similar challenges – from drought, water contamination, inadequate or outdated infrastructure, and competing claims of agriculture and rural and urban areas – in order to ensure adequate and safe water supplies for their populations.

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