Let’s learn about wetlands!

There is a nine-part webinar series starting this Friday (June 22, 2018) on wetlands that we think you may find useful. This FREE series is being hosted by the Association of State Wetland Managers.

You can learn more about the series here…

The nine webinar sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Wetlands (Scheduled for June 22, 2018)
  2. Wetlands in a Watershed/ at the Landscape Scale
  3. Wetland Ecology for Planners: How a Wetland Should Function
  4. Wetland Ecology for Planners: Examples of Variation Across the United States
  5. Dealing with Reality: How to Work with Wetlands in Altered Landscapes
  6. Identifying Resource Concerns and Determining Landowner Objectives
  7. How to Talk about Wetlands with Landowners
  8. What are Wetland Restoration Choices? Matching Objectives to Programs and Getting Additional Help
  9. Dealing with Challenging Weather Patterns in Restoration Planning