CA NV SWCS Officer Nominations due by August 31, 2021

Positions to be Elected in 2021 and Associated Responsibilities

  • President
    • General responsibilities for the affairs of the Chapter, shall arrange the program for the Annual Business Meeting, shall preside at the Annual Business Meeting and sessions of the Chapter Executive Council, and shall have charge of the election of officers.
  • President-Elect (This position will serve for two years before succeeding the current President for a two-year term from 2024-2025).
    • In the absence or disability of the President, the President-Elect performs the duties of the President. The President-Elect serves as the coordinator of the membership of the Chapter and organizes the Annual Conference.
  • Three Council Directors
    • Council Directors attend regular teleconference meetings and the annual Business Meeting to provide guidance on Chapter activities. Directors should serve on one or more committees (e.g., the Chapter Scholarship, the Chapter Awards, or the Annual Conference Planning committee, etc.).

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